The SolRx Family of UVB Products

Select the right device to suit your budget and needs.


SolRx E‑Series

Our most popular device family. Each narrow 6-foot, 2, 4 or 6-bulb panel can be used by itself, or expanded with similar “Add‑On” devices to build a multidirectional system that surrounds the patient for optimal UVB-Narrowband light delivery. 12.5″ wide x 73″ high x 3.0″ deep. CA$1595 and up

SolRx 550

SolRx 500‑Series

The greatest light intensity of all Solarc devices. For spot treatments, it can be rotated to any direction when mounted on the yoke (shown), or for hand & foot treatments used with the removable hood (not shown).  Immediate treatment area is 18″ x 13″. CA$1395 to CA$1795

100 series 1

SolRx 100‑Series

A high performance 2-bulb handheld device that can be placed directly on the skin. It is intended for spot targeting of small areas, including for scalp psoriasis with the optional UV-Brush. All-aluminum wand with clear acrylic window. Immediate treatment area is 2.5 x 5 inches. CA$945

Solarc Patient Goggles

UV Eyewear

UV Protective Patient Goggle – Amber tint with clear plastic storage tube & lid. For patient use during UV treatment; Staff glasses are also available. CA$13 to $17 each

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UV Bulbs/Lamps

Solarc Systems Inc. is the leading supplier of UV bulbs in North America. Follow this link for all our lamp products.

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