The SolRx 500-Series

UVB-NB Hand & Foot Phototherapy Device

The gold standard for home and clinical use

The SolRx-500 Series is the ideal device choice for those looking to treat a few areas without needing to treat the entire body. The SolRx 500-Series has a treatment area of 16” x 10” which makes it perfect for treating specific body parts and the covered hood attachment makes treating the hands and feet easy.

The 500-Series also includes a mounting yoke that allows the unit to rotate a full 360* making treatment of any body part simple and effective. You can view the SolRx 500-Series and all its features below.

solrx 500-series

SolRx 500-Series Hand/Foot & Spot

For use in the patient’s home

SolRx 550

SolRx 550UVB-NB-CR for Clinic Use

For use in a busy phototherapy clinic

adjustable light therapy cart

SolRx 500‑Series Positioning Cart

For simultaneous use of two devices in a clinic