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Things you should consider before ordering

Step 1 – Complete Your Research

Knowledge is essential. Use as many resources as you can to research this subject and build a paper file that you can take to your physician.

Many people will need a Solarc Standard Information Package (SIP) to take to their physician and/or employer’s health insurance company. This 3.6MB Adobe Acrobat PDF file contains almost all the info you will need, including condensed versions of the Selection Guide, Order Forms, Brochures, FAQ, Understanding UVB Narrowband article, Tips for Insurance, and more… Please note that the prices in the SIP are no longer up to date.

Brochure – SolRx E‑Series 6-foot EXPANDABLE System Brochure
SolRx 1000‑Series Full Body Panel Phototherapy
SolRx 500‑Series Hand/Foot & Spot Phototherapy
SolRx 100‑Series Small Spot & Scalp Phototherapy

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Understanding Narrowband UVB Phototherapy Article Tips for Insurance Reimbursement

As another resource option, you may make an appointment to visit our showroom and manufacturing facility located at 1515 Snow Valley Rd. in Barrie, Ontario, Canada.


Step 2 – Consider Insurance Reimbursement

It is often possible to receive full or partial coverage from your employer’s health care insurance plan. Some insurance companies are well known to cover the devices 100%, while others steadfastly deny all claims, even though the devices are listed as an eligible medical expense tax credit expense per the Canadian Income Tax Act 118.2(2)(i).

Useful documents include our Tips for Insurance Reimbursement (pdf) and the editable MS Word (.doc) templates of the Doctor’s Letter of Medical Necessity and the Patient’s Letter to Insurance Company, allowing you to easily create your personalized letters. To bolster your case, consider obtaining a physician’s prescription for the device.

If your physician is unwilling, consider signing and offering the “Acknowledgement and Indemnity Agreement” found on the last page of the Order Form. This Agreement is between you and your physician, for use when the physician is not comfortable prescribing the equipment for legal liability reasons.

Alternatively, try to get your physician to write a “Doctor’s Letter of Medical Necessity” using the template provided above. There may, however, be a cost for this.

As a last resort, consider getting a second opinion from another physician. Depending on your insurance company, it may take weeks or even a couple of months to receive a decision. Persistence is sometimes required. Several people have had successful insurance claims appeals after first being quickly turned away. If your insurance claim is ultimately rejected, you can always claim the device on your income taxes as an allowable Medical Expense Tax Credit (METC).


Step 3 – Complete Your Solarc Order Online

To place an order simply select the item from our Store.

SolRx 1000‑Series & E‑Series Shipping Policy:

This is an oversized package, it is therefore necessary that the receiver be present and assist the driver with unloading. The courier can’t call before the shipment is delivered and the courier will make only one attempt to deliver the package. It is therefore strongly recommended that the “Ship To” address be likely to have somebody there during working hours, such as a place of business. If nobody is present at the time of delivery, the courier will leave a notice that the delivery was attempted. It will then be necessary for the receiver to pick up the package within 5 days from the courier’s depot at the receiver’s expense. Pickups will require at least a minivan, station wagon, or pickup truck or if the device is taken out of the shipping box, it may fit into a smaller vehicle. Alternatively, a local delivery service could be used. Delivery times are normally the next day in Ontario and 3-5 days to the West, Quebec, and Maritimes.

Prices include freight to most locations in Canada and are subject to GST, HST, and/or PST depending on the province. A shipment to a “beyond point” is subject to an additional freight charge. There are many Solarc devices in remote locations. If you wish to submit an order manually, follow the instructions at the top of the Order Form.

Most orders are made using VISA (preferred) or Mastercard as a payment option. This allows you to simply fax the completed order form and prescription to Solarc at 705.739.9684. We do not take any other credit cards. If you prefer, you can call and provide your credit card number to us over the phone. Our fax machine is always on. If paying by cheque, send your order by courier or Canada Post letter-mail using the address below. If applicable, remember to keep a copy of the prescription for your records. There may be a delay in shipping your unit until the cheque clears. Certified cheques always accelerate this process. Once your order is received, we will promptly acknowledge it and advise the expected shipping date, which is usually the next business day since most models are normally in stock.

Immediately after your SolRx unit ships, we will provide you with a “Shipping Notification”, including the ship date, courier waybill/tracking number, and courier contact information. Please supply an email address for this if possible. If you do not have an email address, we will call you with this information.

Delivery times are typically as follows, but not guaranteed:

Ontario: Next Business Day
Canada – East:  1-4 Business Days
Canada – West:  4-8 Business Days


Step 4 – Your SolRx Unit Arrives

Once you receive your SolRx unit, it is very important to first read the User’s Manual. 1000‑Series and E-Series units are shipped fully assembled and take 10 to 20 minutes to install. The 500‑Series and 100‑Series units are ready to go. Our packaging has been refined over the years and is extremely heavy-duty, however, there is always a possibility of shipping damage. In the rare event that this occurs, we ask that you accept the shipment. We will then, as a minimum, send you the replacement parts with which to make the repair at no charge, per our Arrival Guarantee.

Your first treatment can only be taken after the User’s Manual has been completely read and understood. New bulbs are very powerful – be very conservative with your first treatment times! If there are any questions or problems, contact your physician or Solarc Systems using our toll-free number 866.813.3357 or local 705.739.8279. We will do our best to help you.

Advise your family that it is not a tanning device (which have much longer treatment times) and that they are not to use the device under any circumstances. After using the device, remove and hide the key to prevent misuse by others.

The success rate for our equipment is very high and we sincerely wish the same for you. After four to five months, we typically make a follow-up. We are very interested in your progress and love to hear both the success stories and any ideas for improvement. We will do our best to help you.

Good luck with your treatments!

Bruce Elliott, P.Eng. President, Founder & Lifelong Psoriasis Sufferer, Solarc Systems Inc.