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Introducing a new affordable 24-bulb UVB-Narrowband Full Booth for clinics.

HEX Profile SE

The all new SolRX HEX is an E-Series 24-bulb UVB-Narrowband Full Booth intended for use in a phototherapy clinic.

At less than half the cost of any other clinical-grade phototherapy booth on the market, the SolRX HEX combines power with affordability. The SolRX HEX is an assembly of six E-Series 4-bulb devices to form a hexagon, with two adjacent patient entry doors. A plastic baseplate holds the devices in position at the bottom, and locking struts firm up the assembly at the top.

The SolRX HEX comes with clear acrylic windows for complete lamp protection, utilizes a passcode locking timer to prevent unauthorized use and can be assembled and ready to use in under an hour.

Solarc Systems was founded in 1992 and remains Canada’s only original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of medical UV phototherapy equipment for skin disorders. Located near Barrie, Ontario, we have manufactured and sold over 10,000 of our SolRx devices to more than 80 countries worldwide.

Large clinics, such as hospitals and multi-doctor dermatology offices will have devices with as many as 48 bulbs that surround a patient. Solarc is proud to be the principal supplier of replacement bulbs for these devices.

However, not every office can afford these large machines, and rarely have floor space. SolRx devices are the perfect solution for smaller practices and clinic environments such as single-practitioner dermatologists, chiropractors, physiotherapists, sports rehabilitation centres, and naturopaths. SolRx devices are designed for easy and safe use by patients and clinicians alike.

Our staff are experts in UV phototherapy and can assist you if you need replacement lamps or UV eyewear for your phototherapy clinic. Contact us today for more information toll-free at 1-866-813-3357, directly at 705-739-8279 or continue scrolling to learn more.

SolRx E-Series Multi-Directional Panel

The SolRx E-Series is a great option for small clinics. It can be as simple and low-cost as just a 2-bulb E-Series Master device like this one in Kampala, Uganda; or expanded to create a relatively low-cost complete booth.



Uganda Clinic
Kampala, Uganda
Unity Clinic

SolRx 500-Series Hand / Foot & Spot


The SolRx 500-Series Hand/Foot & Spot is a traditional Hand & Foot device that can also be used for spot treatment of almost any area of the body.

The 500-Series is available in a feature-packed “Clinic Rated550-CR version to meet electrical risk class 2G low leakage requirements as required by some hospitals. 550-CR devices include a built-in cooling fan for patient comfort when used in a busy phototherapy clinic. An optional Positioning Cart that holds two devices for simultaneous hand and foot treatments is also available, as shown.

550-CR units are used in many hospital clinics in Canada, including Women’s College Hospital in Toronto and Bruyere Continuing Care in Ottawa.



550CRs at Bruyere 2006
Bruyere Continuing Care
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

SolRx 100-Series Handheld

The SolRx 100-Series is a powerful 2-bulb handheld device suitable for treatment of small skin areas and scalp psoriasis.


An optional Positioning Arm is available so neither the clinician nor the patient has to hold the wand.


Kampala, Uganda
Unity Clinic

SolRx 1000-Series Full Body Flat Panel


The SolRx 1000-Series panels are perfect for smaller hospital clinics and dermatologist offices that want to provide full body phototherapy, but without having to spend tens of thousands of dollars for a full booth that has special electrical requirements and takes up much more space.

The 1000-Series is 72″ high by 29″ wide by only 3-1/2″ thick, and mounts flat up against a wall or in a corner. We know of some 1000-Series devices in dermatologist offices that have been in use for nearly 20 years!



Domican Rebuplic clinic
Santiago and Santo Domingo
Dominican Republic Clinics

“I am a dermatologist who graduated in 1997.  Shortly after graduation I purchased a 4 lamps Series 1000 UVB phototherapy machine from Solarc Systems and I am pleased to report that it has functioned remarkably over the years.  

Even though the machine is nearly 20 years old and has treated countless patients on almost a daily basis in the Brampton community — it is still going strong and has only required minor repairs.  

Bruce Elliot (owner) and his team have been excellent in after sales support.  I highly recommend Solarc Systems phototherapy units for home use and professional offices. Keep up the good work. ” 

Dr. Daniel Chang
Brampton Dermatology

SolRx UV Replacement Bulbs & UV Eyewear


We are Canada’s only Philips Lighting authorized distributor.

Solarc also has Canada’s largest inventory of medical ultraviolet replacement lamps and Canada’s best prices.


UVB Narrowband, Broadband and UVA bulbs shop
Solarc Patient Goggles


Please contact us toll-free at 866-813-3357 or email us at for a quote on your next replacement lamp order.

We can normally ship next day, and with our heavy-duty shipping systems, they will arrive unbroken! If they don’t, we replace them at no charge (Canada and USA only).

Solarc Systems is ISO-13485 certified and all SolRx devices are Health Canada and US-FDA compliant. There are no special electrical requirements – all SolRx devices operate with standard 120-volt, 3-prong, 15-amp grounded power supply. Several 230-volt models are available for our international customers.

To order a SolRx device or replacement lamps for your hospital, please issue a purchase order and attach it in the checkout process. If e-commerce is not an option please fax your purchase order to 705-739-9684. New clinics may be asked to agree to the “Solarc Terms & Conditions of Sale for NON-Home Phototherapy Applications“.

We will do our best to help you and your patients.