Warranty - Arrival Guarantee - Returned Goods Policy

Solarc Systems Inc. (“Solarc”) has been manufacturing UV home phototherapy equipment since 1992 and has maintained an ISO-13485 certified Quality System since 2002. Many Solarc customers will be using their phototherapy device for their lifetime and that is why our units are built to last decades with minimal plastic parts. We also firmly believe in our customer’s “right to repair” should anything happen to their device. That is why we proudly offer you this industry leading phototherapy device warranty:


Solarc warrants to the Purchaser that a SolRx Home Phototherapy Device shall be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of four (4) years from the date of purchase under normal home phototherapy operating conditions. The fluorescent ultraviolet bulbs in the device are specifically warranted for a period of only one (1) year. Normal wear and tear is excluded, for example the bulbs are a consumable and are warranteed for premature failure only.

This is a “Parts Only” warranty – Solarc will supply and ship the needed parts and replacement procedure for free, but repair labour is at the Purchaser’s expense, including if necessary by using electrical appliance repair company. Should the Purchaser wish to return a damaged or defective device to Solarc for repair, the Purchaser must do so per the Returned Goods Policy at the bottom of this page. Alternatively, the Purchaser can make arrangements to personally bring the device to Solarc for repair, where it will be repaired for free while you wait.

Please note that any attempts to operate a 120-volt device on a higher voltage such as 220-240 volts without a suitable step-down transformer will void the warranty and cause any or all of the bulbs, ballasts, and timer to fail; requiring replacement entirely at the Purchaser’s expense.

The warranty for SolRx phototherapy devices used in a clinic is the same as stated above, but for only half of times stated: 2 years on the device, and 6 months on the fluorescent ultraviolet bulbs.

For Canadian Purchasers, the device warranty is extendable to five (5) years by paying using an Interac E‑Transfer (email) instead of a credit card.

Arrival Guarantee

Because they contain glass, SolRx devices, and replacement bulbs are not insurable by most shipping companies. To offer some protection in the event of shipping damage, Solarc has for many years included an Arrival Guarantee as follows. The Arrival Guarantee is applicable only when a Solarc shipping method is used; it does not apply to shipments made using a shipping method designated by the customer.

In all cases, Solarc asks that the Purchaser accept delivery of the SolRx device, even if there is evidence of damage. Shipping damage is rare and usually involves a broken 6-foot bulb(s) in a 1000-Series, or to a lesser extent in an E-Series. It is far easier to have replacement bulbs sent by Solarc than to risk further damage by shipping the device back and forth.

For SolRx device sales in Canada and the USA, in the unlikely event that there is initial delivery shipping damage, Solarc will, as a minimum and at no cost to the Purchaser, immediately send the replacement parts with which to repair. In the unlikely event that the damage is more extensive, it may be reasonable that the device be returned to Solarc for repair or replacement at no cost to the Purchaser.

For SolRx device sales to International Purchasers outside of Canada and the USA, Solarc will supply the replacement parts for free, but the Purchaser is responsible for prepaying half of the shipping cost for those parts, and supplying the repair labour including if necessary by using electrical appliance repair company. International Purchasers are encouraged to purchase with the device a discounted “spare parts kit”, which may include replacement bulb(s), ballast(s) and/or timer. International Purchasers might also consider choosing the E-Series over the 1000-Series because the E-Series is smaller and easier to ship, and within each E-Series Add-On device, two(2) spare bulbs can be shipped loose. Please also see our Ordering > International page.

For Replacement Bulb Sales worldwide, Purchasers of 6-foot long bulbs in particular are encouraged to purchase one or two extra bulbs to cover the possibility of shipping damage or premature bulb failure, in which case Solarc will provide a monetary credit or refund for the loss. Should no spare bulbs be available, Solarc will provide replacement bulb(s) for free, but the Purchaser is responsible for all shipping costs. For shipments outside of Canada and continental USA, rather than shipping directly to the final destination and being at risk of courier ground transport damage, and also to reduce shipping costs, Purchasers are encouraged to have the delivery made to the nearest international airport, personally clear the shipment for import, and personally complete the delivery to the final destination. In all cases the Purchaser is responsible for any import costs such as special fees, duties, and brokerage. Please also see our Ordering > International page.

If shipping damage has occurred, Solarc asks that the Purchaser accept the shipment, contact Solarc as soon as possible, submit pictures of the damage for review, and keep all packaging materials until a resolution has been made. We will do our best to correct the problem as soon as possible.

Please note that SolRx devices and replacement bulbs are typically not eligible for insurance from any freight company because they contain glass. Our best defense is heavy-duty packaging and wise shipping methods.


Returned Goods Policy

All returns are subject to prior authorization by Solarc. The Purchaser agrees to not ship product back to Solarc until they obtain a Returned Goods Authorization Number (RGA#), and to write the RGA# to the outside of the shipping box.

Product returns for credit are subject to the following conditions:
1. Product returns for credit will only be accepted from the original Purchaser. A refund is not possible if an insurance company paid for the device.
2. Only new standard products in their original undamaged and unopened carton(s) are eligible for return and credit. Used items cannot be returned.
3. The request for return must be received by Solarc within 30 days of the original sale date.
4. The Purchaser must arrange and pay for the return shipping to Solarc.  
5. Returns may be subject to a 20% restocking charge at the sole discretion of Solarc.

Product returns for repair under warranty are subject to the following conditions:
1. The Purchaser agrees to first cooperate with Solarc to help diagnose and solve the problem before making the return.
2. If the problem cannot be solved on-site and it is deemed necessary to return the device to Solarc, the Purchaser must: a) remove and retain the UV bulbs if it is a 6-foot high full body E-Series or 1000-Series device, b) properly package the device in its original packaging, and c) arrange and pay for return shipping to Solarc. Solarc will then repair the device for free including repair labour, and Solarc will pay for shipping back to the Purchaser.

All returns are to be labelled with a Returned Goods Authorization Number (RGA#) and shipped to:

Solarc Systems Inc.
1515 Snow Valley Road 
Minesing, ON, L9X 1K3 Canada 
Phone: 1-705-739-8279