Phototherapy Treatment Calendars

Download your free calendar to keep track of your progress

Phototherapy Calendars

Solarc has created a series of free one-page phototherapy calendars that make it easy for you to keep track of your treatments with a simple pen or pencil. Each day has a space for your treatment time, and the results of that treatment. For each month, the days are arranged in a row so you can see patterns more easily than if using a conventional calendar arranged in weeks. Plus, for those that also use natural sunlight, the solar seasons are identified, so you know when solar mid-day* UVB is at its theoretical maximum and minimum annual values, as shown by the four small circles. Consider taking your phototherapy calendar with you when you visit your physician, and save your old calendars for your medical records.

All calendars are in PDF format and sized for 8.5″ x 11″ paper, but you might want to scale up to 11″ x 17″ (tabloid), so there is more space to record your information. This generic calendar can be used for any year, but the weekend days are not identified. For a specific year calendar, with the weekends identified, pick from this list: 2024  2025  2026  2027

phototherapy calendar generic

* Mid-day theoretical solar UVB light power is always, in the northern hemisphere, at a maximum on June 21st/22nd (summer solstice & longest day of the year), and at a minimum on December 22nd/23rd (winter solstice & shortest day of the year). Especially at higher latitudes, the sun’s full power arrives many weeks before the environment warms to its maximum, often fooling people into getting sunburned, and compounded by the victim having relatively little protective skin pigmentation after a long winter. Sunburning is a very negative outcome as it predisposes one to skin cancer / melanoma. NEVER GET BURNED!