Histoires de Patients

Une collection de

Témoignages que les

clients ont partagé avec nous

au cours des années.


Histoires de Patients

Une collection de témoignages que les clients ont partagés avec nous au fil des ans

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  • Avatar Bradley B ★★★★★ 3 weeks ago
    Great product and wonderful customer service. Some parts went missing during a move and they were able to resolve my problem quickly and perfectly. Highly recommended
  • Avatar Andy and Debbie Leclerc ★★★★★ a month ago
    Owning a SolRx E740 Master is the best. Receiving required UV treatments in the convenience of your home, 3 times per week, saves time driving, and waiting, while reducing the substantial risk of Covid or other bacteria. We are very pleased with our purchase and wish we purchased it years ago. It will pay for itself over time.
  • Avatar Shannon Unger ★★★★★ 5 months ago
    This product has changed our lives! Using the Solarc light panel my Dad bought a Solarc for his very severe psoriasis back in 1995 literally changed his life so positively, his skin is virtually clear since using it. About 15 years ago, my psoriasis got really bad so I would go to my parents and use the light and I am now blessed with clear skin also. Recently my 10 month old grand daughter has broken out with terrible eczema and I contacted Solarc to see if she would be a candidate to use the panel and they have suggested a different type of bulb from the ones we had back then but with dermatologist supervision she can have clear skin too! I HIGHLY recommend this company and their products and advise. Thank you Solarc!
  • Avatar Louise Lavigne ★★★★★ 7 months ago
    I started suffering from psoriasis about 8 years ago and at first it was quite manageable and could be treated with cortisone creams but it worsen with time. I have been able to control the major flair-ups with phototherapy at my dermatologist's office but with the pandemic this spring that wasn't possible. This company was recommended by a dermatologist to my daughter who also has psoriasis. I used to have to drive 30 minutes for a 5 minute treatment and then drive back at least 3 times a week. I finally purchased a 10 bulb wall unit and it is the best decision I have ever made for my skin. The results are amazing and the convenience of using this unit in the comfort of my own home is fantastic. After 8 weeks of treatments every 2 days, I am once again in remission and my skin is clear. I couldn't be more pleased and highly recommend this company.
  • Avatar Nancy Leston ★★★★★ 5 months ago
    Since I live rather remotely, I decided to buy a five unit system (one master and four add-ons) instead of driving four hours round trip for less than a minute of phototherapy in my dermatologist's office three times a week. It was a life changer. Talk about convenient.The service was great when I bought the system in 2012, and again today when I called parts that went missing when the unit was packed up for moving.
  • Avatar Guillaume Thibault ★★★★★ 6 months ago
    I'm really happy with the purchase. Excellent customer service too! 5 stars!
  • Avatar Kathy D ★★★★★ a year ago
    I purchased 2 panels of Solarc systems early March. I have been faithfully using it for at least 4 to 6 days per week. This has changed my life without having to use prescription drugs or steroids or travelling to get this treatment. I have psoriasis all over my body...and my psoriasis is almost gone in a month and a half. I have soft skin and the scales are smooth and just look a little pink now. I will be able to wear shorts this summer unlike last summer.Thankyou Solarc this is a game changer.
  • Avatar Jeff McKenzie ★★★★★ 9 months ago
    I have been dealing with psoriasis for quite some time now. After using the light I can say with the utmost confidence that it works and would suggest it to anyone who is suffering from a similar condition. Could not be happier with the product as well as the service that was provided for me. All around, exceeded my expectations and I now have clear skin.
  • Avatar Graham Sparrow ★★★★★ 9 months ago
    I have mild eczema, and bought an 8 bulb system 3 months ago.I was taking phototherapy sessions at a clinic, and found it helpful ,but travel, and wait times took a lot of time, and now with Covid-19, the phototherapy is closedThese units are well made, reliable, and safe when exposures are monitored by a dermatologist.They arrive ready to use, and attach to the wall easily and only 6 inches deep. My skin is almost clear, and the itch is almost all gone....
  • Avatar Eric ★★★★★ 10 months ago
    We have been using our 8 bulb vertical wall unit for several years. The results my wife has experienced have been a godsend to her MF diagnosis . She was diagnosed with mycosis fungoides ( form of cancer) which has caused her remarkable red spots over much of her body and it was freighting to us all. Initially and for the previous 5 years was diagnosed as eczema! that changes once she seen a proper dermatologist. These red blemishes left untreated could become tumours - we initially contacted Solarc about replicating hospital treatment at our home.....what we got from Solarc was more information and links to information the led us to better understand what we were dealing with - we cannot say enough good things about these people - the information provided also help us decide what equipment we needed and would be best - we reviewed all that was sent to us with our specialist assigned to my wife case. They fully endorsed our plan and reviewed all the specifications which added to our confidence … More - today we are happy to report that she is near free of any blemishes and stays that way with regular exposure to the light treatments - All i can say is that we are glad we picked up the phone and called Bruce and company at Solarc - these people are game changers and could not say enough good things.
  • Avatar Ali Amiri ★★★★★ a year ago
    My dad and I have loved using our Solarc machines the last 6 years. For my dad it literally has changed his life. He used to have to drive with gloves on due to the sun and would never have had any sun exposed to his skin without having crazy reactions... probably due to the liver toxicity from taking prescriptions medications for many years. So he didn't go out into the sun for around 20 years. He uses his Solarc machine daily and the last few years we have traveled to Thailand twice, Mexico twice and Cuba... and each time he swam in the ocean and was able to be out in his swim shorts and in the sun and ocean without any problems. He would not have ever even dreamed of being able to do that before... so yea, your machine has literally changed his life! Thank you for making such amazing products!!! For me it has helped with depression over the long rainy Vancouver winters. Everyone in Canada should have one of these!
  • Avatar David Nixon ★★★★★ 11 months ago
    I am 24 years old and have been struggling with psoriasis for years. I tried many different creams and medications but nothing seemed to work. After getting a Solarc light system I have seen drastic improvement with my skin and can't imagine getting through a winter without it.
  • Avatar William Jones ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    This is a brief summary of my experience as I wrote a more extended one on the first unit I owned. I gave that unit to a family member (who’s happy with it) and purchased a unit with eight bulbs. I have psoriasis that’s mostly latent, but produces exacerbation in the winter and when I get infections. The long and short of it is that this phototherapy unit treats my plaques more effectively (and quickly) than any other treatment I’ve ever tried. The manual if very easy to understand and I’ve had no trouble operating the unit. I did not use an insurance company, but just paid for the unit myself. As such, I can recommend it without reservation – it was well worth the cost and I would purchase another one in a heartbeat.
  • Avatar Jim Burnham ★★★★★ a year ago
    I purchased my SolRx 100 in April 2019 on the advice of my Dermatologist and after only three 40 second treatments the results were dramatic. I am eczema free for the summer but expect to continue maintenance treatments in the fall. I don’t anticipate using any prescription medication other than a good over the counter moisturizer. Unfortunately my insurance company Blue Cross Michigan didn’t cover the equipment but the cost was worth every penny. I only regret I didn’t know about this treatment sooner!
  • Avatar Bonnie Castonguay ★★★★★ a year ago
    My hands which were cracked, dry, thick, and peeling, sometimes bleeding when I finally saw a dermatologist, was diagnosed with psoriasis, used steroid creams which helped but not much, then I began photolight therapy at the Pasqua Hospital in Regina. I did two treatments a week for a long time. When I had done 350 treatments, working up to 10 minutes,which always helped a lot, I was plain tired of going for these treatments. I often travelled for a month in winter and other shorter trips during these years and so, when I returned had to start over at 3 or 4 minutes so my hands would not burn. The benefits of the light therapy would go up and down. Then I found the ad for Solarc and bought a five bulb unit so I could do it at home. I began doing treatment 3 then 4 then 5 minutes (I never went higher) every two days consistently, no breaks for 6 months from December to June. My hands got better and better and better and are now clear of psoriasis. If other factors are involved, … More I cannot know but a home unit with more frequent treatment definitely was part of my cure. I understand psoriasis can "just go into remission". Why it comes and why it goes, no one really knows. I really "look" cured, my hands are soft, the skin no longer thickens. Phototherapy gives a really good chance of improvement and possible clearing. I have no need to see my dermatologist and I have not even used the unit for 4 months now. I'll keep it. Any sign of return and I will use it again. (I only ever hand it and used it on my hands)
  • Avatar Trent Charles ★★★★★ 3 years ago
    Such a great product. I had guttate psoriasis. Within 2 months of aggressive treatment, my skin looks healthy again and feels great. But the bigger difference seems to be in my digestive system. I was limited to a carnivore diet for the past 5 months, because of all the digestive issues I was having. Finally I'm starting to eat sugar, corn, & even wheat again. And I don't seem to have any digestive issues yet! Really great product. I have a theory that autoimmune diseases are really just vitamin D deficiencies. This seems like the perfect product to cure those autoimmune diseases!
  • Avatar Gregory Belleville ★★★★★ 3 years ago
    Amazing result with the full body lamp.My 9 years old girl had more than 50% Vitiligo on her body. After a year of treat ment, there is only a few spot left....amazing.
  • Avatar Douglas Paterson ★★★★★ 3 years ago
    I use the product for psoriasis.I use 6 min. treatments.I have between 80 - 90% improvement.Easy to set up and simple to operate.Great West Life did not reimburse me.Great purchase! Wish that I knew about your product years ago.It has dramatically improve the quality of my life.Thank you, thank you.

Il est notre plus grand plaisir d’entendre les histoires de réussite de nos clients, et une grande source d’inspiration. Ceci est un exemple de quelques commentaires que nous avons reçus au cours des dernières années ou plus, généralement dans l’ordre chronologique. La plupart d’entre eux sont des “Copier & Coller” de courriels. Dans certains cas, des modifications mineures ont été faites pour supprimer des éléments personnels et améliorer la lisibilité. Toutes les initiales ont été modifiées en accord avec notre politique de confidentialité. Les textes entre [crochets] ont été ajoutés par Solarc.


Les appareils SolRx sont principalement utilisés pour le traitement de psoriasis, de sorte que la plupart de ces commentaires sont liés au psoriasis. Où d’autres maladies de la peau ont été traitées (tels que le vitiligo, l’eczéma ou la carence de vitamine D3), une indication est donnée.


Remarque : Par respect de l’authenticité des témoignages, les textes sont dans la langue d’origine, en anglais pour la plupart. Veuillez utiliser un traducteur en ligne, tel que le Traducteur de Google si nécessaire. 

J’ai acheté 2 panneaux début mars et j’ai augmenté mon temps de lumière ultraviolette. chaque semaine. et ma peau a guéri à 100%. Ce sont avant les photos et après les photos.

Merci. Je suis tellement heureux
Et c’était seulement un mois

Kathy D., ON, Canada

Psoriasis patient, Systèmes complets SolRx série E - 2

K before
K after

Salut l’équipe Solarc,

J’utilise principalement votre système corporel complet pour le traitement du psoriasis. Cependant, je dois admettre que cela a aussi énormément aidé mes articulations. Je suis encore en phase de compensation.

Je n’ai vraiment aucun vrai problème avec l’appareil, je ne brûle que légèrement une fois, je rappelle simplement le réglage précédent et tout va bien. Je suis allé jusqu’à 2 h 36, mais je suis maintenant revenu à 2 h 14 et semble aller bien, j’utilise l’appareil trois fois par semaine à la demande du médecin.

La Financière Manuvie était vraiment agréable à traiter et j’ai reçu une couverture à 100% avec mon régime.

L’équipe de Solarc Systems était merveilleuse et je serai honnête l’une des meilleures entreprises avec lesquelles j’ai travaillé. Je les recommande vivement ainsi que le système d’ampoules Philips. Je ne me suis pas senti aussi bien depuis des années.


Bruce P., ON, Canada

Psoriasis patient, SolRx 1790

Je suis ravi de l’unité et je suis très heureux de m’être débarrassé de l’ennui d’appliquer des pommades qui ne fonctionnent pas vraiment à long terme. Je souffre de cette maladie depuis plus de 30 ans, avec généralement des symptômes progressivement plus graves. C’est la meilleure chose à faire après un remède, en ce qui me concerne, et j’aurais aimé le faire il y a longtemps.

Des améliorations ont été observées au cours des deux premières semaines d’utilisation, avec des améliorations spectaculaires après 2 1/2 mois. Je suis actuellement en phase d’entretien du traitement.

Je traitais initialement pendant 3 h 20 par côté, conformément aux recommandations, puis j’ai continué à 4 h 00 par côté après environ un mois. J’effectuais 4 ou 5 traitements par semaine. J’ai récemment fait un voyage d’affaires pendant une semaine et j’ai remarqué que le psoriasis est toujours sous contrôle (commence tout juste à revenir), alors je vais commencer une phase de maintenance une fois par semaine.

Greg P., ON, Canada

Psoriasis patient, Systèmes complets SolRx série E

J’ai acheté votre appareil portatif pour traiter mon psoriasis. J’ai des patchs sur les coudes, des tibias du haut du pied à mes genoux sur les deux jambes et quelques taches à l’arrière des jambes, un petit patch sur le dos et le cuir chevelu.

Mes coudes sont clairs et le patch arrière a presque disparu. Je suis tellement ravi! Mes jambes sont toujours en cours de réalisation. Bien que mes jambes se soient améliorées, elles ne sont en aucun cas dégagées comme mes coudes.

J’aurais dû t’écouter. Vous avez recommandé que j’y aille avec une unité de corps entier et j’aurais aimé avoir. Je trouve très difficile de soigner mes jambes pour ne pas surexposer là où j’ai déjà traité. Avez-vous des recommandations?

Sinon, je suis très satisfait de votre unité de thérapie UVB.

Je suis convaincu que je serais en rémission totale maintenant si j’avais acheté votre plus grande unité.

Laurie M., ON, Canada

Psoriasis patient, Ordinateur de poche série SolRx 100


Mon psoriasis a disparu! Le meilleur argent que j’ai dépensé! J’avais 70% de mon corps, ça m’affectait mentalement à ce moment-là. J’ai commencé à utiliser et c’est parti en 1 mois! J’utilise maintenant seulement 1 fois par semaine ou au besoin si le stress fait monter le flair. Mon dermatologue a été étonné des résultats.

Je vis sur une petite île à l’extérieur de Vancouver, donc la luminothérapie traditionnelle n’était pas une option à cause des voyages. Je vous remercie!

Le premier mois, j’ai utilisé 3 à 4 fois par semaine pendant 1,5 minutes avant et arrière et 30 secondes de chaque côté. Maintenant, seulement 2 minutes président une fois par semaine.


Oydis N., BC, Canada

Psoriasis patient, SolRx 1790

J’ai utilisé l’appareil pour le psoriasis que j’ai depuis 1981. J’utilise la photothérapie depuis 38 ans (PUVA et UVB). UVB seulement depuis 23 ans. Mon état de peau s’est amélioré de façon spectaculaire avec l’unité à domicile parce que je ne manque aucun traitement comme je l’étais quand je devais aller dans un bureau du Dr (à 45 miles de là).

Rick G., BC, Canada

Psoriasis patient, Systèmes complets SolRx série E - 2

Je suis heureux de vous donner des commentaires après avoir utilisé l’appareil pendant un an. J’adore mon unité de photothérapie Solarc et ma qualité de vie s’est tellement améliorée après l’avoir utilisée. Je l’utilise pour le psoriasis et je suis maintenant clair à environ 90% en ce moment.

Karen R., NS, Canada

Psoriasis patient, SolRx E-Series Master

  • Très amélioré. 90% clair
  • Aucun problème avec les instructions.
  • Pas de brûlures ou quoi que ce soit. J’ai commencé par des sessions très courtes et je n’ai pas eu à les augmenter
  • 1 minute et 25 secondes par côté
  • J’ai fait une planche de blocage pour la moitié supérieure de la lumière parce que mon problème était de la taille aux pieds. Il se bloque sur les crochets.
  • Si vous fabriquiez une planche de blocage qui pendre aux crochets et qui était pliable à différentes longueurs, ce serait un bon accessoire.
  • Très satisfait. La meilleure peau que j’ai eu depuis des années et j’économise sur les onguents sur ordonnance
  • 9/10 satisfaction. Considérez-moi comme un promoteur
Frank D. ON, Canada

Psoriasis patient, Systèmes complets SolRx série E - 2

From 2003 to 2013, the eczema on the back of my calves was getting progressively worse. At Christmas 2012, living in Toronto, I had to wrap my legs with tensor bandages that went under my jeans before going outside. In October 2013, I began using Solarc’s 6 foot tall UVB narrowband lamps (I have 2) and that winter my skin condition was gone and remains gone! Further, I was doing research on Vitamin D and I got my vitamin D blood levels tested in April 2013 and it was the most deficient possible result: 25 nmol/l. In May 2015, after an 8 month stretch of very consistent Solarc lamp sessions, my vitamin D tested at 140 nmol/l. 140 is considered in the optimal range by many progressive health care practitioners. It represents the vitamin D levels that the remaining hunter gatherers in Africa have. Overall, I am thrilled to be free of my skin condition and to be optimizing the sunshine vitamin which I was so lacking.

LI, ON, Canada

Eczema and Vitamin D patient

I absolutely love my lights would never live without them. My skin has cleared up by 90 percent in a year. Scalp still an issue but not as bad as it was. Need to shave hair off to clear completely lol. Use every second day now, turn four times for 1:55sec. Each turn. So happy with my purchase it may have cost me with no insurance but was well worth the initial price. Thank you so much for your assistance and follow up.
Ryan, CA, USA

Vitiligo patient

My treatments are highly successful. In all honesty, SolArc owners manual and sales rep Gary have been more helpful to me than any MD I’ve seen. I believe your home equipment is superior to the National Biological clinical equipment I’ve used at the local University Dermatology Department.

I experienced an ongoing problem with the University Dermatologists and their insistence on treating with a One Size Fits All approach. At the clinic I experienced frequent NBUVB burns and constant bullying for not being able to receive “a full therapeutic dose.” Fortunately, one of the Dermatologists is reasonable and responsive to my treatment concerns regarding CTLC-MF (Mycosis Fungoides) diagnosis. While my regular Dermatologist would like me to accept corticol-steroid and chemo drug treatments, she is supportive in treating with NBUVB only.

Update: I started Psoriasis Protocol from your manual using the Expandable M1 + 2A set up. Exposure time increased much slower than protocol suggests, finally reaching 2:05 two x per week by the end of the second month. By the end of the second month, my skin was 95% clear. While skin will occasionally react to tx with a mild warm reddening that passes within a few hours, I have experienced absolutely no skin burns from home treatment.

I maintain at 2:05 one x per week and my skin is beautifully clear and completely comfortable. I do not see oncologist, but visit my skin doc 2-3 times a year. She is quite impressed with results and recommends that I continue with present protocol.

Cate, NM, USA

CTCL-MF patient

La photothérapie à domicile SoIarc a changé la vie. Rien n’a autant aidé mon psoriasis sévère que ces thérapies lumineuses. Tout ce que MD veut faire, c’est vous donner le médicament le plus récent sur le marché avec de graves effets secondaires potentiellement mortels aux États-Unis. Désespéré d’obtenir un soulagement de mon psoriasis qui couvrait 80% de mon corps, j’en ai essayé quelques-uns. A fini à l’hôpital avec une pancréatite et a failli mourir des médicaments prescrits. Ma femme a cherché de l’aide sur Internet. Dieu était avec elle lorsqu’elle a trouvé Solarc Home Photo Therapy. Les écailles diminuent et la peau est en fait complètement cicatrisée sur les fesses et le bas du dos, ce qui était sévère et douloureux pour s’asseoir ou s’allonger. Presque aucune écaille au lit le matin. Les jambes ont plus de guérison à faire, mais je sais qu’elles seront guéries à temps. Je suis très reconnaissant envers Solarc Systems. Merci!!!

Randy G.

Psoriasis patient

Mes mains avant et après la thérapie par lumière UV à bande étroite à l’aide de la machine à mains et pieds Solarc Systems 550. Ces résultats sont obtenus après seulement 7 semaines de traitement.

Rick, AB, Canada

Psoriasis patient

RL l before1
RL 1 before
RL l after1
RL r after1

The skin issue seems to be a combination of pruritus secondary to age and medications, and angioedema secondary to one of my drugs (which I stopped). Nevertheless the phototherapy definitely helped the itch, and now I am trying to just use the sun! I shall likely use the device again in the fall, when there is less sun exposure possible.  I am a physician and I have not yet addressed this with my GP.

Your company was suggested to me by a colleague, who herself has Psoriasis, during a morning seminar. 

The areas I have treated are clearly better than those I have not (the worst itch is on my forearms which are well controlled) but I tend to be too lazy to properly treat my back (the wand is a little too small for that, although I get a larger exposure by standing further away and using a longer exposure time.

All in all, I am quite happy with it.

Brian, ON, Canada

Ezcema patient

I would like to say that I am very pleased with this device. I have had no problems with this equipment at all and it works very well at keeping my skin condition in check. It has enabled me to treat my condition at home rather than making a two hour trip to the Doctor 2 to 3 times a week. I suffer from a skin condition that the 4 different Dermatologist’s I have seen are unable to determine the cause or even classify it as anything other than some sort of “Dermitits”.
I have included some pictures taken in 2010 when the problem first appeared. Early treatment included different drugs such as High doses Prednisone and Cellcept. I stopped the use of these drugs due to the dangerous side affects associated with them. My doctor then started me on the NB UVB treatment which worked very well after about 3 months. However, as I mentioned earlier, the drive time was a killer so I stopped after about 9 months hoping the problem had been cured. Not so, the skin lesions returned although not as bad but still bad enough. I then purchased your product and began treatment as soon as it arrived I purchased this device out of my own pocket because my insurance would not cover it (Kaiser Permanente of California). But that’s is ok. It is worth every penny I paid. I followed the user manual guide lines for treatment times and after about 2 months my condition improved by 90%. It is almost non existent with only an occasional outbreak that is very slight. It takes a little longer and I have to change positions 3 or 4 times during treatment than the unit at the doctor’s office, which was a fully enclosed unit. Other than that it woks just as well. I am currently in the maintenance phase of treatment. My treatment time is; 3min 30sec front facing, 3min 30sec rear facing and 2min 40sec side facing(each side). Treatments are 2 or 3 times a week as needed. I have had no burning or discomfort. As I stated before I have had no problems with the device it works perfectly. It was easy to unpack and setup and I am very happy. You are welcome to use any portion of this feedback for your marketing materials including the enclosed pictures.

Larry, CA, USA

Psoriasis patient


Je dirais que mon état s’est amélioré d’environ 98% !! J’écris ceci avec des larmes de joie! J’ai porté un short cet été et une chemise à manches courtes pour travailler même !! Mon mari ne peut pas arrêter de toucher mon dos et mes jambes lisses! LA MEILLEURE CHOSE AU MONDE!! J’approche de ma phase de maintenance! J’en suis tellement ravi.

Mon nez se brûlait légèrement quand je pouvais augmenter mon temps. Depuis, je viens d’augmenter mon temps de 5 secondes au lieu de 10 et cela semble avoir énormément aidé. Je suis actuellement à 2,35 par équipe, 3 jours par semaine.

Mon expérience globale était incroyable !! Le monsieur à qui j’ai parlé et posé des questions avant mon achat était si patient et gentil quand il s’agissait de moi. Il a même géré mes pleurs comme un champion (larmes de joie, mais quand même !!). Le système est entré si rapidement et a changé ma vie et m’a enthousiasmé par l’été pour la première fois de ma vie!

Tammy, AB, Canada

Psoriasis patient

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