2 Master Devices + 6 Add-On Devices (2M+6A)

This webpage is a collection of extra photos of an eight-device multidirectional setup consisting of two (2) Solarc E-Series Master devices connected to six (6) Add-on devices, called assembly configuration “2M+6A”. The 2M+6A booth is the smallest booth possible; it may not be big enough for larger patients. The oval-shaped arrangements are likely the best. The grey numbers at the center of each drawing represent the treatment envelope diameter (or the oval’s length and width) in inches. The Master devices (in dark blue) are usually located next to each other so their timers can be more easily operated simultaneously. A maximum number of four(4) Add-on devices can be electrically connected to each Master device, and all on the same side of the Master as necessary. See below for more pictures, in no particular order.