At Solarc, we receive hundreds of positive testimonials each year from user’s of our home phototherapy equipment. Most of these testimonials are listed on our “Your Story” webpage. Sometimes however, we get testimonials that deserve some special attention. The following is a true testament to how Solarc Home Phototherapy devices can change someone’s life. We received this testimonial from a customer of ours just a few days ago. 

The SoIarc Home Phototherapy has been a LIFE CHANGER.  Nothing has helped my Severe Psoriasis as much as these light therapies.  All MD’s want to do is give you the newest drug on the market with severe life threatening side effects in the US.  Desperate to get relief from my Psoriasis which covered 80% of my body, I tried a few.  Ended up in hospital with Pancreatitis and nearly died from prescribed drugs.  My wife searched the internet  for help.  God was with her when she found Solarc Home Photo Therapy.  Scales are lessening and skin is actually completely healed on buttocks and lower back which was severe and painful to sit or lay.  Hardly any scales in bed in morning.  Legs have more healing to do, but I know they will be healed in time.  I am so grateful to Solarc Systems.  Thank You!!!

– Randy G.